Dr. Cullum Text Book Release – January 16

Published on January 18, 2016

Dr. Dan Cullum, oral surgeon in Coeur d’Alene, publishes new text book titled “Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Surgery.” This book is useful new guide for dental implant specialists and restorative dentists seeking to refine their clinical expertise and minimize risk for their patients. This clinical text and atlas focuses on cutting edge and rapidly developing, minimally invasive treatment modalities and their applications to implant dentistry. Centered on progress in imaging, instrumentation, biomaterials and techniques, this book discusses both the “how to” as well as the “why” behind the concept of minimally invasive applications in implant surgery.

Dr. Cullum is a board certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, he has been practicing in Coeur d’Alene since 1995. At Dr. Cullum’s practice – Implants Northwest – he provides specialized care in dental implants, extractions and other oral surgery procedures. You can reach Dr. Cullum’s office at 208-667-5565.

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