Horizontal Augmentation: Ridge Expansion & Comprehensive Grafting


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Bone manipulation can enhance bone quality and improve alveolar dimensions with ridge expansion and minimally invasive sinus floor elevation. With ridge expansion (RE) a vascular “bone flap” is developed to restore the functional proportions of the alveolus with simultaneous implant insertion. RE utilizes the healing potential of bone like an extraction site. Recent application of new technologies including: ultrasonic bone cutting, mechanical expanders and implant designs have simplified treatment of mandibular horizontal deficiencies. Modified osteotome techniques and Contiguous Sinus Floor Elevation offer a minimally invasive approach in the management of moderate horizontal and vertical maxillary defects. Cone Beam CT imaging is important in evaluation and technique selection. Application of bone manipulation, including flap designs, soft tissue augmentation and the prevention of complications will be discussed. We will focus on the best clinical practices using live surgery, an extensive video library, hands-on applications and handout materials.


“Superb comprehensive surgical course incorporating clinical esthetics and biologic healing principles.”
-Dr. Michael Dwyer, The Woodlands, TX

Date: May 16-18, 2019

Time: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Lecturers: Dr. Dan Cullum & Dr. Bach Le

Audience: Experienced clinicians

Tuition: $3,300.00 USD (includes breakfast & lunch)

Class Size: Limited space available

CE Credits: 21

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