Crestal Sinus Elevation & Navigational Surgery – September 13-15, 2018


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Crestal sinus elevation and navigational surgery is an evidence-based presentation of traditional and minimally invasive techniques used to manage the spectrum of anatomic defects encountered in daily practice. Using live surgery, an exten¬sive video library, handout materials and hands-on applications, participants will gain understanding and proficiency with:

  • Crestal sinus elevation techniques: osteotomes, reamer drills and hydraulics
  • Immediate implant placement with crestal sinus elevation
  • Advanced crestal techniques including contiguous sinus floor elevation (CSFE)
  • Dynamic Navigational Surgery

These evidence-based techniques offer a reduced healing interval and minimal patient discomfort. We will emphasize the best clinical practices for progressive skill development and the role of CBCT for anatomic evaluation and technique selection to avoid complications.

“Wow! One of the best courses I’ve taken. So much good material that will clinically integrate into my practice right off the bat. Thanks!” – Dr. Jacy Nelson, Renton, WA

Date: September 13-15, 2018

Time: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Lecturers: Dr. Dan Cullum & Dr. Michael Block

Audience: Experience Clinicians

Tuition: $3,300.00 USD (includes breakfast & lunch)

Class Size: Limited Space Available

CE Credits: 21 Hours

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